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Making use of gabions

Gabions are wire mesh baskets filled with suitable stones, initially employed in civil engineering. In recent years, they have also been used for the purposes of garden architecture and ecology and have become an increasingly popular component of modern gardens.

Some of you may have seen these stone arrangements in conservation areas and nature reserves, where they tend to serve as retaining walls and erosion protection. Increasingly often, you will find these “baskets of stones” used as landscape features.

Uses of gabions
Gabions have a wide range of uses. They make protective fencing, sound-proofing walls and anti-erosion structures. They can also serve, for instance, as space structures for climbing plants. The range of uses is limited only by the architect’s imagination and the fact is that they have become much liked by landscape designers and ecologists alike.

Advantages of gabion constructions
Gabions offer great structural stability, variability and comparatively fast construction. They are recyclable (they can be removed and the material reused), have excellent sound damping properties, naturally blend in with the landscape and do not disturb the natural water processes (they absorb the water’s energy, while letting water through).